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The Green Office -
Eco Friendly office supplies

bar is the first online retailer to offer a full selection of office products focused on Green choices, giving you the power to make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions for the workplace. As a Green business we "walk the talk" and give you the tools to model the best practices that we have developed, tested, and put into practice. Our Green Team is comprised of industry leaders whose values are in line with our business. We are dedicated to the environment and social justice, we love sustainable foods, we ride our bikes and take public transportation, we're passionate about enjoying the outdoors, and we all are driven by a need to make a

meaningful impact with our work and have fun while we're at it. We are working to achieve sustainability in the workplace by bringing you world-class office products, exceptional service, and the knowledge that you are sending a clear message to the big guys that going green is where it's at.

We believe that happy people and a healthy planet are essential for good business, and at we've made it easy for you to see your values at work. Find out how we got here and what keeps us going!

Our vision is to see a workplace wherein every product was created “Cradle to Cradle”* and an industry that responds to the demands of the leveraged purchasing power of the Green market. (Read: Money talks, especially with the big guys.) With that in mind, we’ve created the one-stop online shop for sustainable office products and services, and we’ve built a Green business that is governed by the values of sustainability.

We believe that businesses should exist to improve lives while sustaining the planet. We challenge manufacturers to do their part…and empower you to do yours. In an effort to practice what we preach, we work hard to stay at the forefront of pioneering efforts and best practices in sustainability management. As a company we have worked to put into practice a Green Purchasing Policy, a Zero-Waste Policy, and we generate an Annual Sustainability Report. Most importantly, by giving our customers the tools to model these best practices, we are building momentum in the industry and sending a clear signal that real demand exists for positive change. We work directly with manufacturers to stimulate the development of Green products, resulting in an increase in variety, availability, and cost-effective methods to produce and distribute Green products.

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