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The Everything Green Classroom Book

The Everything Green Classroom Book is your essential guide for incorporating eco-friendly concepts into everyday lessons, activities, and field trips. With suggestions for adjusting activities for grade level, you can create fun lessons for any elementary school class. From air pollution to water woes, each chapter is organized by topic so you can easily explain concepts to your class, plan hands-on activities, and encourage students to continue thinking about issues outside of the classroom.


Engage your students with exciting lessons and activities, including:

  • Global warming: Make a greenhouse for your classroom.
  • Weed control: Learn about the weeds with the weirdest names.
  • Avian admiration: Build a birdhouse or a bird habitat for your schoolyard.
  • Water, water everywhere: Simulate a leaky faucet or an oil spill.
  • See the trees: Plant a tree on school grounds or in your community.
  • Go paperless: Challenge your school to cut back as much as possible.

Make a difference in your local community, and get your kids excited about saving the world. The teacher-tested activities in this invaluable guide will help you and your students turn education into action.

*Please note that if you purchase this book, and would like the author, Tessa Hill, to sign it, please indicate in the appropriate box at the bottom of the order form.

  Tessa Hill is the president of Kids for Saving Earth, a nonprofit organization that was founded by her 11 year old son Clinton Hill before he died from a brain tumor.  For twenty years this organization has continued to provide "education into action" environmental education to millions of children in schools, churches, and other groups throughout the United States and Canada.   A former elementary school teacher, board chair for Healthy Child Healthy World and board member of Beyond Pesticides she also works to protect children from toxins in the environment.  She has also been a member of several governmental committees, including the Children's Environmental health Federal Advisory Committee and the U.S. Centers for disease Control's Agency for Toxic substances.  She lives in Minneapolis, MN.  
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The Everything Green Classroom Book


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When retired cop Harry Curtin arrives in Africa, he thinks he's been hired to bodyguard someone big and important. But city slicker Harry soon discovers his new client is a 2,000 pound black rhinoceros that is threatened by dangerous poachers. Harry's first reaction is to quit and go home, but something about the magical African bush beckons him to stay and do the right thing. Encouraged by Father Bob, a local missionary, to use his detective skills, Harry teams up with a local wise man and a reserve full of majestic animals to catch the poachers and create a little magic of their own. U'BEJANI promotes positive thinking and the love of nature. Family entertainment.


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Free KSE Network Member
Free KSE membership includes: All About KSE DVD, 1 Promise Certificate, The KSE E-Pal newsletter,and Samples of KSE materials. No shipping charge within the US. One Free membership per order, please.



Kids's for Saving Earth's

Exciting Earth-Saving Adventures

PDF Book (Digital Download)

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Kids's for Saving Earth's Exciting Earth-Saving Adventures
Two curious kids learn about environmental issues and working in their neighborhood to help protect the Earth.

(Please note that this is a digital download available in .pdf format. It about 50 pages long and is about 6 MB big.. You will be emailed a link to the download once your payment has been processed. This can take up to 72 hours but the wait is usually much shorter.)

Clinton's Tree House

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to view sample pages.

Clinton and the Tree House

Play Script (Digital Download)

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Clinton and the Treehouse by Claudia Carroll
When Clinton goes into his backyard treehouse to get ready for a Kids For Saving Earth meeting with his friends, he is shocked by the the sudden appearance of Joe, a giant penguin who demands Clinton follow him to an urgent meeting with Mother Nature. A fun, easy-to-stage magical, educational eco-play, appealing to both kids and grown-ups and can be presented in a classroom or on stage.

(Please note that this is a digital download available in .pdf format. It is 93 pages long and contains all casting, crew, prop, and play information. You will be emailed a link to the download once your payment has been processed. This can take up to 72 hours but the wait is usually much shorter.)

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Travel the Earth -
A Trip to the Forest Book




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Travel the Earth
This book is designed for young children to prepare for a trip and take along on a trip. It encourages reading, writing observations, drawing pictures on almost all pages and gluing forest items onto pages. They are taught a respect for nature through a series of stories and projects. Quantity discounts available: 1-3: $4/ea, 4-10: $3/ea, 11+: $2/ea



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We're not asking
for the moon.... book




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We're Not Asking for the Moon - Just a Healthy Home and Earth
A book on how to keep yourself and your home healthier. The first 7 pages are for moms, dads, instructors, and other adults, with facts, information, and sources relating to the environmental story. The book follows several children through their day at home and school as they uncover environmental issues. Quantity discounts available: 1-3: $4/ea, 4-10: $3/ea, 11+: $2/ea



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Kids for Saving Earth Action Guide
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KSE Action Guide
This colorful Action Guide has a whole year's worth of Earth-saving activities; projects for grades K-12 from simple to stupendous; How to start your own Kids for Saving Earth club; neat club stuff to copy; and action activities to help protect Earth's land, air, and water.
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Little Kid's Guide for Teachers book
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KSE Little Kids Guide
An early education guide for teachers and other big people who want to help little kids help the Earth. 30 pages of wonderful educational activities designed to be positive, empowering and stimulating to young minds as they learn about the world around them.
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