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Kids for Saving Earth Concert Kits and CD's

For schools, churches, and other organizations to put on this musical play/concert. Includes Rock the World CD with 12 songs, separate music CD without the words (accompaniment), script, staging suggestions, and all the songs on reproducible sheet music, and KSE membership materials.

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Group Membership

KSE Concert Kit

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"Rock the World" Environmental Concert Kit
An environmental concert kit for schools, churches and other children's organizations. It includes a Rock the World CD with 12 songs, a separate music accompaniment CD (instrumental music), a script, staging suggestions, sheet music for the concert and KSE membership materials. Kids for Saving Earth gives permission for the sheet music to be copied. Recommended for grades 3-8 but the script and most songs can be adjusted to a younger grade level.

Rock the World CD

KSE Rock the World CD

(Note:  If you order one of the paid memberships,
the Rock the World CD is included.)

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"Rock the World" CD
Save the Earth to the rock and roll beat of these 12 inspiring, original songs!

Raffi Promise

KSE Promise Song Instrumental Version

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Order the link to download our Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song instrumental version.
We would love for you to send us video of your students singing the Kids for Saving Earth Promise song.
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